Housing is a vital need and our society is becoming more and more mobile. Professionals are therefore needed to manage these movements. Real estate transactions are therefore not about to decrease given the evolution of demography and lifestyles. Indeed, every day, dozens of apartments and houses change hands, requiring professionals to manage the sale. , rental, evaluation or administration. Among these professionals is the real estate hunter, who often does all the upstream property research work for his client.

We distinguish several professions in the real estate sector. Among others, we have: the real estate agent, real estate developer, notary, lawyer, real estate hunter… The latter is specialized in the search for property. As the name hunter suggests, he is on the lookout for real estate; this is its main attribute. In Benin, these professionals are known as direct sellers.

The property hunter’s missions?

As highlighted above, the main role of the real estate hunter is to find the house, apartment or premises that the latter wants for the client. To do this, he must carry out a prospection and select any real estate ad that seems to meet his client’s request.
Thus, the real estate hunter in his approach carries out a pre-selection of real estate according to the criteria provided by his client. For property searches, he often uses his professional network, real estate portals and real estate directories such as Noogle or direct prospecting.
He first visits all the selected properties to ensure that they meet the needs expressed by his client. Once this step has been completed, he makes a report to his client, followed by a guided visit to the latter.
After this stage of visiting the client and validation by the latter, it is always the hunter who is responsible for negotiating the displayed price for you thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the real estate market. He negotiates only for his client in order to make him benefit from a good purchase or rental price.

What is the difference between a hunter and a real estate agent?

Generally, the role of the real estate hunter is confused or associated with that of a real estate agent. However, they each play a specific role. While the real estate hunter works exclusively on behalf of the client, the real estate agent, on the other hand, works not only for the client but also for the seller. These are in fact two supervised and complementary professions, even if the border is thin. The real estate agent is mandated by his seller to sell the accommodation: we speak of a sales mandate. Conversely, the real estate hunter is mandated by the purchaser (buyer) to find the property and negotiate it: we speak of a search warrant.

The qualities of a good property hunter

It is essential to have certain qualities to claim to be a property hunter. You have to be dynamic, persevering, enterprising, negotiator and social. Honesty is also essential since it will precede you. A real estate hunter must have the necessary relationship that will allow him to build a network. It is also essential that he understands several languages, hence the English language, especially if he is positioning prestige and exceptional properties. Indeed, not all customers speak French and the fact that he is multilingual will be very beneficial to him.

The advantages of using a property hunter

One of the main reasons to use the service of this real estate professional is to save time. By signing a search mandate, you entrust him with the mission of finding the property that meets your criteria, as soon as possible. Thus, by entrusting the search for properties for purchase or rental to a real estate hunter, you are reassured that the professional will exclusively defend your interests.
On these bases, the real estate hunter offers a definite advantage for the client compared to a traditional real estate agency. He carries out his research by following your criteria and recommendations and does not seek to market a portfolio of properties. In addition, the real estate hunter makes you benefit from his talent as a negotiator as well as his experience and expertise in real estate.

A serious and honest real estate hunter is undoubtedly of paramount importance in the search and acquisition of real estate. Its main role is to accompany you in your real estate project (from the definition of the project to the installation) by finding you the property corresponding to your criteria. So call on him for real estate transactions with ease.